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Anyone wishing to showcase their craft and is able to pick an appropriate category. Any ensemble, solo artist, performer or project is very welcome to apply, and each application will be considered by our professional jury. The application must come with a designated guarantor, and must comply with all the respective rules.

Simply fill out and submit the application form found on our website.

Even amateurs or an amateur ensemble (such as a children’s choir) are welcome to apply. It is precisely for these cases that a guarantor is required, in order to ensure that only quality projects and performers reach the ears of the jurors.

Yes, the final decision is always down to the jurors of the main jury exclusively. The jurors in the sub-categories do have an important say in the matter however, and this is why they are always chaired by a member of the main jury.

If the submitted recording was created solely for the purpose of the competition, and is not to be used for distribution or public performance, a registration with a copyright-protection society is not required. We do however recommend that each artist becomes a member of such organisation and registers their works accordingly

Yes, an ensemble or a musician can indeed apply with more of his or her projects within a single year of the competition. Each project must apply in one category only; in other words, a single project cannot compete in multiple categories.

No. Application forms must be submitted before the deadlin

Yes. The winners of all the ten categories receive a Classic Prague Awards crystal trophy displaying a score by Leoš Janáček, enclosed in beautiful casket.