During the course of 2019

Members of the main jury, and the sub-categories’ jurors, follow the works of the artists who applied for the 2019 Awards.

March 31, 2019

March 31, 2019 marks the deadline for the 2019 applications. The application forms must be filled in correctly, pursuant to the specific criteria for each category. The application forms can be submitted by regular mail, e-mail, or through the website All submitted artists and projects will become eligible to receive the 2019 Award. Projects released or taking place before March 31, 2019 must be registered before its release date. It is the responsibility of each applicant to enable the jurors and consultants to participate personally in the performances, concerts or events related to their respective category. Each applicant must, at his or her expense, provide 3 copies of an audio (or audiovisual) recording of the performance on DVD media. The jurors will cast their vote based on these recordings. Each applicant must have his or her own guarantor.

List of eligible guarantors:

• Arts schools (an elementary school of the arts, the conservatory, an arts-focused grammar school, Academy of Performing Arts Prague, Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts Brno, University of Ostrava)
• An arts institution or its founder (professional orchestras, choirs, opera houses and their founding instutions)
• Classical music concert organizers (festivals, the Kruh pratel hudby initiatives, private organizers)
• Music studies departments (universities, museums, etc.)
• Professional music journalists

After April 1, 2019

Following April 1, 2019, each guarantor can further nominate more projects. The above conditions regarding the submission of audio or audiovisual recordings of the nominated performances, and filling out the application forms, still apply.

May 2019

The main jury meets in order to
• select the 2019 laureate of the International Ambassador of Czech Music award, and the 2019 Lifetime Achievement award
• pick the 2019 Talent of the Year awards nominees